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The handmade crafts have their unique charm for each creative product. They provide a harmonious, quiet and thoughtful environment for the whole year and you are always surrounded with beautiful things regardless weather, four seasons or times of the day.

Therefore, the "Beauty Craft Sissi" creates different kind of the handmade crafts such as painting on glassware, nylon stocking flowers, paper quilling and origami 3D as a distinct ornament to your place.

Thank you for visiting our web site and hope that you are interested in our products. We look forward to receive your feedback and suggestion.
All these nice hand painted glassware make wonderful accessories for your special home decoration, great for entertaining your guests and perfect unique gifts for most occasion as well.

My paintings on glass decorated in different colors, styles, and designs.
The art of paper quilling or filigree or also is called art paper roll is a unique type of craft, showing the wonderful creation of human hands and minds. From the tiny multi-colored paper, cut and rolled up, then arranged into the desired shape and pasted on the background of different materials to create diverse products, beautiful and rich.

All these following items make wonderful and perfect gifts for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, St. Valentine, Father and Mother Days or simply to friends or yourself.

Customize various colors combinations are always possible upon request.
Put a piece of paper into triangles and place together to get the desired shape, such as swans, Hello Kitty etc... and make your place decorated more charming and lively.

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